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For all procedures:

  • Clients must have valid goverment issued ID for all procedures.  Acceptable ID: State issued driver's license, state issued photo ID, Military ID, or Passport
  • Please no drug or alcohol consumption before or during procedure
  • Remember to eat at least four hours before procedure
  • Tattoo clients must be 18 years or older
  • Piercing clients must be 18 years or older unless authorized with parent's or legal guardian's written consent 

Our Policy

We are a family-friendly and judgmental-free place. All of our staff will try their very best to work with you to achieve satisfaction. We take the utmost pride and effort to maintain a professional and hospital grade sanitary environment.  All of our needles are brand new and always one-time use. We also have a fair selection of body jewelry for you to choose from. We accept walk-ins or appointments for tattoos and all piercings are walk-in basis. We do require a $40 deposit for all tattoo appointments to secure your spot on our calendar and for your tattoo artist to have your tattoo drawn up and ready for your appointment.

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