Get to know my splendiferous self

First of all, I would like to let you know Chicago Style Hot Dogs ya that's my shit, and don't forget Peanut Butter M&Ms wtf. Now what do you want to know? where do we go from here? As you may already know I am a Tattoo Artist currently working @ Euphoria Tattoo (f$%k Yes).  Life wasn't always this glamorous but i was always the artistic type, and sketching was always a past time hobby; when shit gets slow in life so naturally BOOM here I am.

I apprenticed in Orlando FL under a master artist Called Rick Barnnet. Yes i got a lucky break, most tattooist don't make it in the artist category, and in case you're wondering yes there is a difference. Tattooist trace while Tattoo Artist create art on your body. Now that you know this fun little fact we can move on with my bio (what do you think it's not all about you). Lets keep it moving; so were was I? Oh yes Florida, I got my apprenticeship 5 years, and thousands of tattoos later this amazing piece of splendiferous work was molded. 

Tattoos i've done