SALVADOR - Tattoo Artist

Hailing from the state that was once a nation (Texas), Salvador was raised by a mother that had spent her wayward youth as the Rubber Woman in the State Fair of Texas’ Freak Show, and a father who owned his own construction company. With this background, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a keen interest in what we shall term “the dark underbelly of society”, tattooing came easily for Salvador. After venturing to Portland to follow a childhood friend that was attending art school, he found himself working in kitchens and haunting dive bars, strip clubs, the bus mall, PAM, and Old Town/China Town. All the while making art, and engaging in auto didactic pursuits relevant to art and art history. The early 2000s found our humble Romantic in Washington at the Art Institute of Seattle, and after graduating he chose to make his triumphant return to Portland. Having had enough of the daily grind that is the restaurant biz, he opted for a new trade, and after some debate (and being accepted to grad school) he chose tattooing. Now with about five years of solid experience he is happy to help you design a beautiful piece of art that will give you years of pleasure. He enjoys crisp lines, bold colors, and flowers…lots and lots of flowers. Please check out his work on the Gram at @tattoosbysalvador. Be safe, and be well.

​Instagram:  @tattoosbysalvador