SPECIALS:  Both Vancouver Mall and Lloyd Center Mall location will be doing Friday the 13th Specials on tattoos and piercings.  No appointments will be taken this day.  There will be three separate lines: VIP (customers who pay vip pricing gets to skip to THE front of the line), piercing line, and tattoo line.  We will be open at 10am for both locations and closing time will be at the discretion of each location.  NO WRITTEN CONSENT LETTERS WILL BE ACCEPTED THIS DAY.  hOWEVER, PARENTS ARE ALLOWED TO COME PRIOR TO THIS DAY TO SIGN the RELEASE FORM FOR PIERCINGS, IF parents prefer not being PRESENT ON FRIDAY WITH THEIR CHILD.


Hours of Operation:

Sunday                11AM-6PM


notice: vancouver mall location only 

Our Vancouver Mall location has relocated and is no longer downstairs.  We have moved upstairs next to Kay's Jewelers in front of Sears.

Here you will find information about our shop and staff, detailed aftercare suggestions for tending to your modifications,  and everyone's favorite: the photo gallery.  We offer services for all body piercings, body tattoos, and permanent makeup.

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