​Clackamas and Lloyd Center location will be doing Friday, the 13th, special event in October:

  • $60 tattoos (regularly priced $150) from our flash choices created by our very own artists

  • $13 piercings (excludes below the waist genitals, dermals, surfaces, bridges, cheeks/dahlias, and vertical lips) and does not include jewelry or upgraded options

  • There will be 3 lines: Tattoos, Piercings, and VIP (Retail ONLY clients or clients who pay additional $20 on top of regular prices to skip to front of the line)

  • As always, there are NO refunds and all sales are FINAL

  • For minors(piercings only): parents or legal guardians(with proper documentation) are welcome to come on any day prior to Friday 13th to fill out release forms and minors can come the day of with proof of id (ex: government id, school id, or birth certificate).  Note that only piercings that is written on release forms will be allowed for that minor.


  • Credit/debit cards are welcome but there is a 3% fee, we also accept Cash and Cash App with no fees

  • NO appointments are allowed this day and it is first come, first served.  Expect longer than usual wait times and wait times usually get longer throughout the day


  • No limit to how many services can be done as long as you can handle it!

Here you will find information about our staff and their work and aftercare instructions for tending to your body modifications.  We offer services for all body piercings, body tattoos including permanent makeup, after and jewelry options at all 3 of our locations!



Lloyd Center location ONLY will be doing HALF OFF all piercings for the entire month of November!  Jewelry not included.